Planning, scheduling and recording

Engine and Airframe Maintenance


Keewatin Air LP runs a 24/7 AMO (Approved Maintenance Organization) operation from its various facilities, starting at the head office and throughout our remote bases/operations:

  1. Heavy Maintenance/Head Office in Winnipeg, Manitoba
  2. Churchill, Manitoba
  3. Rankin Inlet, Nunavut
  4. Iqaluit, Nunavut

KAL’s Maintenance Organization AMO # 418-91 consists of a Director of Maintenance, Quality Assurance Manager, Production Managers, Technical Records Administrator, Shift Supervisors, Line Engineers (AME), Apprentices and office staff. The total staff numbers 31 and includes 21 DOT licensed engineers and seven apprentices.

We perform in-house, scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, both engine and airframe. This maintenance includes large component changes, such as propeller and engine changes as scheduled overhaul times come due.

Our Maintenance Program consists of procedures for planning, scheduling and recording of maintenance tasks. It also deals with parts control, certification procedures, defect control, and record keeping. Our Evaluation Program consists of training programs and a Quality Assurance System. In-house practices, procedures, and maintenance policies are in accordance with the laws and regulations of Transport Canada and are provided to obtain the highest standard of aircraft maintenance in keeping with safety and efficiency.

Keewatin Air has several Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (AME) on staff who have taken factory approved training for the King Air 200 and Lear 35, which includes routine maintenance on the Garrett 731 engines. As well, many of our AME’s have attended PT6 engine courses at Standard Aero; a Pratt & Whitney Canada approved overhaul facility for the PT6 engine.

All maintenance functions are traced and monitored on the WinAir Aircraft Maintenance computer program by AvBase Systems. We have used this system for the past 15 years. The same program is used for inventory control to provide traceability for parts used on any of Keewatin Air's aircraft.