About Keewatin Air LP

Providing Extensive 24-Hour Emergency Air Ambulance Service

Keewatin Air LP is vital for those who live, work and travel in Canada’s remote Arctic region.

We are one of the most comprehensive aeromedical organizations in Canada, providing extensive 24-hour emergency air ambulance service.

All-inclusive air medical program

Our all-inclusive Air Medical Program is delivered by a dedicated team of professionals using the latest in aviation, medical and communications technology.

Our people are dedicated and passionate about bringing first class health and emergency services to Canada’s beautiful and challenging Arctic region.

Keewatin Air LP transports over 3,000 patients and flies over 2.3 million medevac miles annually.

Whether it is transporting patients from a remote northern setting or from hospital to hospital, our trained teams of professionals ensure that every aspect of each transport receives the attention to detail required.