Policies and Procedures

Ensuring Optimal Care

Comprehensive Policies, Procedures, and Protocols are in place to guide the Flight Nurses and Respiratory Therapists in their daily duties. These include detailed patient management protocols. Should the FN/RRT be unable to reach a physician for patient related orders, he/she can refer to the protocols, written and approved by the Medical Director, for management guidelines.

Each Flight Nurse and Respiratory Therapist carries a company-provided tablet. These tablets contain copies of the policy and procedure manual, protocol manual, drug references, including pre-calculated drug forms for pediatric and neonatal patients, drug flow sheets for most medications administered by infusion, IV monographs for all IV drugs we administer, and references for airway and ventilator management. The tablets also provide additional references for the staff, including detailed support information for the management of seriously ill and injured patients of all ages.

Total Quality Management

Keewatin Air has adopted a Total Quality Management (TQM) approach to the delivery of our air medical service to ensure that our patients receive optimal care during transport. Our comprehensive policies, procedures and protocols are part of this TQM program. As well, our commitment to the education of our staff, in preparation for the provision of the optimal patient transport, is a component of our TQM program. Our facilities are designed to support air medical services around the clock, as are the aircraft utilized.

Keewatin Air is licensed as an Air Ambulance in Manitoba and to maintain our license, we undergo an annual inspection of our base facilities and aircraft, as well as our overall program.

Each patient's record is audited to guarantee optimal patient transport. Should discrepancies be identified, appropriate action is taken. A detailed database is maintained, allowing for comprehensive data collection and analysis. External review is also welcomed, through our Medical Nursing Committee, which was initiated in 1993.

Continuous Improvement

Regular air medical transport rounds are held with representation from the physician group in the Arctic, health centre staff, Government of Nunavut representatives, Keewatin Air Flight Nurses and Respiratory Therapists, our Medical Director and Nurse Management Team. During the meetings, we review policies, procedures, protocols, equipment and supply lists, and transport statistics. Challenging cases are reviewed. Quarterly meetings are also held, allowing for more detailed analysis of service delivery. This external review provides Keewatin Air with input that is invaluable to the continuous improvement of our air medical service.